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Razorback football has second scrimmage


FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas held its second scrimmage of the spring on Saturday and both sides of the ball had some good moments particularly the defense.
Unlike last week's first scrimmage, the one Saturday was limited to 88 plays down from 152. But the time the team was on the field was the same since they practiced as well. Arkansas' offense scored five touchdowns on the day and wide receiver Isaiah Sategna is a firm believer in what Bobby Petrino is doing with the offense.
"You know, I feel like speed is a big thing in his offense, and that’s one of my strong suits," Sategna said. "This is my fourth OC since I’ve been to Arkansas, so I’m really liking what Bobby has, and man, he’s living up to the hype."
Even though Petrino was the head coach of Arkansas for four years Sategna didn't get to see him then since he hadn't moved to Arkansas at that time. Sategna said they have watched a lot of film of Ryan Mallett, Joe Adams and Jarius Wright. But he also respects Petrino for not trying to make him be like that pair.
"We watch them about every day," Sategna said. "I mean a little bit, but he really just lets me kind of do me and kind of play my game. I don’t really like to compare myself to other people. I like to watch other people, but I don’t really like to compare. I feel like nobody really plays like me."
Sophomore running back Isaiah Augustave rushed eight times for 72 yards including a 52-yard touchdown. He also caught a 50-yard touchdown pass from Malachi Singleton. Sategna was impressed.

"People like to talk a lot about age but I don’t think it really matters," Sategna said. "We all grew up playing football our whole lives. You can just see, he’s a younger guy, but last year you got to see what he can do at the end of the year. This year, he’s gonna have a great year. He’s one of our best backs and I love his game. I love what he has to bring to the table. He just sheds tackles. He’s not the fastest guy but he just always seems to break big runs."
Other touchdowns included Taylen Green tossing a nine-yard strike to Isaac TeSlaa plus running touchdowns for Ja'Quinden Jackson (9 yards) and Dominque Johnson (19 yards).
On defense, Jaylon Braxton had an interception and recovered one fumble. Safety Miguel Mitchell had an interception while both TJ Metcalf and Ahkhari Johnson each had a fumble recovery. Braxton was unofficially credited with three tackles.
"He’s a very good player," Sategna said. "I really like Braxton. He’s a speed guy. He’s the speed guy. He’s one of the fastest on the team, but he’s a patient DB. He’ll strike you, but he’s just patient. He’s waiting to see what route you’re running and he anticipates very well. I love his game."
Arkansas will practice Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week before playing the spring game Saturday at noon. The admission is free at Razorback Stadium. Sam Pittman said it will be a spring game this season.