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3 ways homebuilders can incorporate sustainability into their operations

(BPT) - The demand for homes with sustainable features is growing. However, home building companies that are committed to sustainability recognize that how you build a home is just as important as …
Sustainability ideas

Clean smarter, not harder: 5 tips to a tidy home when time crunched this holiday season

(BPT) - Parties, family gatherings, time with friends and the occasional surprise guest — the holidays are full of fun get-togethers and reasons to celebrate. While there’s much to look …

The woes of wish-cycling

(BPT) - Wish-cycling (v.) – the well-intentioned but unfounded belief that something is recyclable when it is not. Most consumers have the best intentions when it comes to recycling. In recent …

Concrete is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions: New technologies could change that

Machinery Partner looked at solutions to roll out low-carbon concrete to curb the emissions of the prominent construction material.

10 ways cities are going green

Looking at recent news reports, CheapInsurance.com compiled a list of 10 examples of how cities are incorporating eco-friendly practices into their policies.

How sustainability has reached the forefront for consumer products

Flowcode analyzed industry research and news to track the evolution of environmental sustainability. Consumers value sustainability, but do they speak with their wallets?  

3 Backup Power Innovations For Home and On-The-Go

(BPT) - Have you ever wished you could do more to harness the solar energy captured by your home’s solar panels? Have you ever wished your generator was quieter and didn't smell so bad? Have …

Climate hub project in West Virginia draws bipartisan support from Senator Joe Manchin


(NewsUSA) - Washington, D.C.—The Center for Research in Environmental and Sustainable Technologies (CREST Foundation), a leading non-profit based in Washington, D.C., has received important local …

What's important to you when it comes to doing laundry? New survey reveals what consumers want

(BPT) - Did you know nearly half of American consumers (46%) are in the market for a new washer/dryer within the next 12 months? That's according to a new survey by LG that looked at habits, …

Sustainability is more than recycling: The importance of understanding product lifecycle

(BPT) - Looking for sustainable packaging when shopping is an important step for reducing your environmental footprint. For many people, this means seeking packaging that is recyclable. While …

Environment matters
6 questions to ask your HVAC contractor
(BPT) - Cool spots. Warm spots. Rooms that smell musty. A system that seems to perpetually be cycling on and off. Any of these issues (and more) may have you doubting your HVAC system … and …
Energy in New York State may soon be less expensive and more abundant thanks to modern technology and enlightened legislation.
Clean Energy Made Easier In New York
(NAPSI)—Reliance on electricity is growing as communities across the state transition away from pollution-producing fossil fuels to clean, sustainable power sources to combat climate change.   …
How San Francisco is Creating a Blueprint for Urban Transformation
(BPT) - Downtown San Francisco, known as a global hub for technology and innovation, is at a crossroads. Like many urban areas, it faces a unique set of challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. …
How sustainable is your company? 8 things to look for
At home, you ensure to recycle and curb one-time plastic use. But is your office sustainable? Firmspace compiled this list of what to look for.
How Massachusetts gets electricity.
Clean Energy Made Easier In Massachusetts
(NAPSI)—Reliance on electricity is growing as communities transition away from pollution-producing fossil fuels to clean, sustainable power sources to combat climate change. The U.S. Department of …