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A bad week for the Biden Clan


t was a good week for the Reagan family.
Not so much for the Biden clan.
On Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where my father is buried, there was a fine ceremony to mark the 20th year of his passing and recall the conservative principles that powered his domestic and foreign successes.
And on Thursday, when the library marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day, it also celebrated the famous speech my father gave 40 years ago when he traveled to Normandy to honor the brave Americans who hit the beaches on June 6, 1944.
Meanwhile, it was a bad week for the Biden family – in court and in the legacy media.
Hunter was on trial in the Biden-friendly state of Delaware for lying on his gun application, which for him is like getting a federal parking ticket.
Don’t worry, Democrats. The multi-troubled first son – or any other member of the Biden Crime Family – is not likely to be found guilty of foreign influence peddling, tax evasion or anything serious.
He’ll never be charged by the Justice Department with 93 felonies or have to post a $50 million cash bond to stay out of a jail cell.
As for the Big Guy in the White House, he continued to be battered by the mainstream media, which may have turned on him.
After almost four years of hearing his presidential gaffes, garbled sentences and favorite lies about his past triumphs, some of his former friends and defenders in journalism have noticed what has been obvious to the rest of America for years.
Joe Biden is too old and too confused to function as a president.
The Wall Street Journal did a major behind-the-scenes piece about the sharp decline of Biden’s mental and physical state.
A chorus of Democrats and Biden partisans in the media tried to say the Journal’s article was a Republican hit piece. Joe Scarborough practically had an on-air stroke.
But the Journal’s reporting and cover story about Biden in Time exposed the cruel truth.

Our president is unable to hold a thought, answer a reporter’s question or explain any of the disastrous domestic or foreign policies that the people behind him are dreaming up for him and loading into his teleprompters.
Time said it “lightly edited” the often-incomprehensible transcript of its softball interview with Biden, which raises suspicions.
And the magazine did not release the audio of the interview, which pretty much confirms all those suspicions.
Like the Justice Department’s recent refusal to release the audio recording of Biden’s two-day interview with special counsel Robert Hur, Time’s audio is no doubt being suppressed because it was too damning and too embarrassing.
The worst mistake President Biden made this week, though, was his executive order to “fix” the mass invasion of illegal immigrants that he created in 2021 with his previous executive decisions.
The proclamation Biden signed on Tuesday temporarily stops granting asylum to migrants if illegal crossings pass a certain average number per day. Exceptions include permanent U.S. residents and unaccompanied children.
There are all kinds of crazy bureaucratic and legal rules in the order about when the restrictions are to be discontinued or resumed.
But basically up to 2,500 illegal migrants a day (75,000 a month) can now come in through the official ports of entry.
There are lots of questions about this supposed fix: How will the Border Patrol count the illegal migrants? What about gotta-ways? Are the new rules going to incentivize the trafficking of unaccompanied kids?
The left thinks Biden’s fix is too mean to genuine asylum seekers.
The right thinks it’s not a solution and just an election year pander to Democrat and independent voters who are sensible enough to worry about the harm our wide-open border is doing to the entire country.
The good news is, Biden’s fix is almost certain to be stopped by the courts, so in the real world it’ll actually fix nothing – exactly what it’s intended to do.

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