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Attorney in murder case seeks to suppress evidence, statement


Michael Brewer, of Harrison, age 24, is currently being held without bond in the Boone County Jail for the charge of capital murder after a fatal shooting occurred on the morning of Dec. 15, 2023.
In January, Brewer retained William O. “Bill” James, Jr., of the James Law Firm in Little Rock. He was previously represented by Charles Hancock with the Public Defender’s Office.
At an arraignment on Jan. 2, Michael Brewer entered a plea of not guilty to the charges as filed. A jury trial is currently scheduled to take place in July of this year.
Under the representation of James, Brewer’s case has seen several documents placed in file as the trial date draws nearer. On Jan. 18, James Law Firm filed a motion for bond for Brewer. The document requests a reasonable bond be set and that “Mr. Brewer is a long-time resident of Boone County and has deep rooted family ties that would make the risk of flight minimal.” His bond hearing is scheduled for April 2.
On March 25, Boone County Circuit Court filed two new documents which have been submitted by James Law firm on behalf of their client — a motion to suppress physical evidence and a motion to suppress a statement.
Brewer’s charges spring from an incident which occurred on the morning of Dec. 15, 2023 when the Harrison Police Department responded to a call of a shooting at a business located at 1925 Capps Road in Harrison. An affidavit details that when officers arrived on the scene, they found Michael Brewer — who was age 23 at that time, exiting his family’s business on Capps Road with his phone to his ear and blood on his hands. Officers then located Michael Brewer's 50-year-old father, Shawn Brewer, inside the business with bullet wounds. Shawn Brewer died at the scene.