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I thought they had to post scores


It is difficult being an one horse sports team or in my case a .5 sports team.

Maybe a .25 sports team is more like it.

It is state tournament season.

We have teams in eight tournaments. Which is great.

However, that also puts a little pressure on getting scores.

It is the same for most sports writing teams. A very large amount of papers are down to one sports writer.

There is a lot of pressure on sports sections to get a lot of local news.

Conway's has one sports writer. There are three colleges that play sports with one of those schools being a NCAA Division I school. Plus all of the large high schools in just the county alone.

At this point in the state tournament season we need things to work well.

Working well is not always the case.

Each school that hosts a tournament is suppose to use X (Twitter) to report scores.

Good luck in finding them.

In Class 1A baseball, Jasper's score was reported after the first inning and then again after the second frame. That was it. No more mention of it. I don't know if the kid that was reporting scores had to go back to class or if they picked up a date and left.

There was no report of the Valley Springs' softball score.

The Arkansas Activities Association wants these schools to report scores...the may demand it. But what about the AAA?

We go through regional and state basketball with the schools reporting scores.

Then we get to the finals. The AAA makes a big deal out of finals. It jacks prices to $10 a session and then doesn't report a single score.

I was told that it was on television. I was also told that they were doing stories.

When living on four hours of sleep a night, we need things to work smoothly.

I understand the frustration of when things don’t work well.

Jeff Brasel is the sports and managing editor and general manager of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at sports@newtoncountytimes.com or follow him at X.com/jeffbrasel.